Pretzels and Skull—A Variable Typeface
Digital representation plays a critical role in the popularity and usage of a language. A lack of this is threatening the Tamil language spreading among a new generation of users. By designing a Tamil and Latin digital variable typeface I could help in increasing the language's popularity and usage. 
Pretzels and skulls—a multiscript typeface available in both Tamil and Latin script. The typeface consists of 500 (approx.) characters including alphabets, numerals, punctuation, and symbols. It has five weights; light, regular, medium, bold and extrabold it's also available as a variable font. This typeface is designed for the purpose of combining print and digital publishing. Its large x-height gives the possibility of typesetting texts in smaller sizes. The precise letter production by including ink traps, large counterspace and apertures preserve good readability even on small screens. OpenType features enable typesetting in both languages.
If you're curious to learn more about the in-depth research and design process behind the creation of the Pretzels and Skulls Typeface you can view my Thesis book here.
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Thesis project 

Typeface Design 
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Few examples of the design process 
You can view more about the design objective, process and research here.
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