NCSAC – Student Guidebook 2020
The NCSAC Student Guidebook is an annual publication that serves as a comprehensive resource for Niagara College students. The guide covers everything from college services and student life to the student body, terms and conditions, and even includes a 2020-2021 calendar and planner. As part of the design brief, I was tasked with re-imagining the guide and infusing it with a fresh style while adhering to NCSAC's branding guidelines.
The redesigned guidebook features eye-catching photo-collages and illustrations to break up the abundance of information contained within. The result is a publication that is not only informative but also visually engaging for the students. In addition to the guidebook
As their graphic designer I conceptualized, and collaborated in creating various marketing and promotional materials for both print and digital media. You can view some of these designs on their instagram.
Client project
Book/Editorial design
Poster design

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