70 Below Treats ​​​​​​​
This Client project was done during Niagara College's Design-a-Thon, A 8-12 hour event where students designed for projects presented by real-life clients. 
70 below treats is a Niagara based business which specializes in freeze-dried treats. Their design brief asked the participants to redesign their brand identity and packaging for their family-friendly products. The packaging design included custom lettering and illustrations that appealed to both the family and youth demographics. The logo was simplified to a word mark and the degree symbol to convey the same message as their existing logo—"...the treats were made by freeze-drying the products below 70 degrees." ​​​​​​​
Client project ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Art Direction
Package Design
Logo Design
Social Media Content 

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